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Hello fellow anglers!!! I am providing some fishing reports only as either based on my successes, friends reports or other area anglers who are nice enough to share their wealth of fishing knowledge. I apologize in advance for not updating them more often, but the conditions change so fast, it makes it pretty tough. My take on fishing reports is, use them strictly as a guide to help you if YOUR patterns are not working. Don't go away from what you are comfortable doing or are successful at doing, just because someone told you "they" caught fish this way. So, here are some reports, Good Luck, and remember, "A bad day fishing, is better than a good day at work."

 July 24, 2010


Bass report by Craig Miller at The Dugout

Bass fishing is fair to good. Largemouth are relating to the slightly cooler water temperatures at the back of these tributaries. There is some schooling out in the main lake mostly from mid lake to the upper end. Lots of white bass mixed in with small to medium sized spots. They are very skittish on the top water so use the Lucky Craft CB 200's in American shad. Also the Mini Me's in the Allatoona Special color can be used as deep as 30 feet. The fish are holding in deep water from 18 to 26 feet near main lake points. Use a Texas rig worm on light line 6 pound test line and a finesse worm for the deep water early. Mid morning change up to a big deep diving crank bait and move to the river channel ledges. Try the small version of the Spittin Image in shad for the schooling fish as the threadfin have just spawned. The threadfin the fish are feeding are very small. Once the fish go down you can catch a few of them on the drop shot using a very small bait like a 3 inch Cut Tail, Tiny Fluke or baby Sluggo. Keep an close eye on your sonar to see these drop shot fish. Some big bass are cursing the shallows during the heat of the day. They are biting the big 8 inch swim baits and there are some largemouth bass hitting top water late afternoon up lake close to the rivers. Out on the main lake from Little River to Downing Creek the spots are chasing bait and are running with the stripers and hybrids on the lower end of the lake from the dam to Clarks Creek. These fish are hitting spinner baits and small crank baits and top water plugs early to late evening. Look for the schooling activity and use the run and gun approach to catch these fish.



July 24, 2010




Bass Report by Ken Sturdivant



Spotted bass are deep and tight on cover and points from 25 to 30 feet are the best locations. The FLW folks tested our lake for two weeks and found the deep spots and largemouth on brush piles on rocky points all the way out to 40 feet deep. The gravel points down lake have a few fish on them. There has not been a lot of top water action but keep a clear Zara Spook Jr ready and make dead on casts to the fish to get a bite. Fish are feeding very late at night into the twilight of mornings. After the sun is up, fishing is tough. Try the rock island in the back of Big Creek and work the entire island at least twice and stay off in deep water and make long casts. For the bigger fish work the deep man made and natural cover with small hair jigs and worms. Worms should be greens, Smoky Joe and sand on a Texas rig. Fishing has been barely fair for both sizes and numbers. Work the Fish Head Spin with a Zoom baby bass Fluke on 10 pound test Sufix Elite line. Use the Texas rigged worms in the lime aide colors and be sure to work the lure all the way back to the boat on points. Pick rocky points right at the mouths of the major creeks and work a 1/8 ounce Bitsey Bug with a twin tail trailer. Cast shallow after dark and put the baits right on the banks. The river fish are a little shallower. Use jigs, Texas rigged worms in greens and small Shad Raps in shad patterns. The Flash Trix shad imitations will also work on the drop shot rigs. Just find the brush piles with the Lowrance Structure Scan Down Scan technology and if there are fish there, you can see them clearly. No fish, no stay. Right off marker 33 on the Cheastee river bend, work a small crank bait like the white or root beer Bandit 200 crank bait. Use light 8 pound test and make sure to hit the bank on every cast. The bass will attack this lure and be sure to add some Mega Strike scent to these hard baits. The docks around Shady Grove Park on the up stream side of the park are the best docks. Also Shoal Creek marker #3 on the down stream side has some brush and some good spots.


uly 24, 2010




Bbass report from Roger McKee


Bass fishing is slow and the continued heat wave the bass bite. Try to get on the water a couple of hours before daylight and fish the lighted docks in Richland Creek using a Bandit 200 or Cotton Cordell CC shad. If that's a little slow, fish a black ribbon tale worm on the corner posts and under the lights. Usually you will have your limit of largemouth and a few stripers before the dawn breaks. The deeper seawalls in Richland Creek are holding a few fish. Your best approach will be to fish a 1/4 ounce white buzz bait or devils horse while paralleling the seawall. Work both baits slowly while keeping an eye out for bait fish. After 10 a.m. move out to the main lake points and alternate between a 1/2 ounce Jewell football jig and a Carolina rig and fish out to 25 feet. Most strikes will occur in fifteen to twenty feet of water and will be very light. Most times you will just feel additional weight. Keeping your finger on the line at all times will catch you a few additional fish. Deep cranking the shoal markers at the mouth of Richland Creek and Double Branches will get a few bites. Use your Lowrance to locate the pods of bait around the rock shoals and back off and make repeated casts to an area before leaving. Most of these fish are in thirteen to eighteen feet of water. Some good crank bait choices would be #7 Fat Free Shads, Norman DD22 and Spro's Little John DD20.


Carters: Level: 0.6 feet below full pool. Temp: High 80s.


Bass report by GON staff


Bass: Guide Louie Bartenfield reports, "The bite on Carters at night has been strong. It's not very consistent, but on any given night you could have the night of your life. There have been some really big weights in the tournaments over the past month, even 25 pounds on a Friday night a few weeks ago! Before dark, a jig-head finesse worm and a drop shot are the best ways to get a limit. After dark is when you can get right in a hurry. I've been focusing on isolated rock piles 10 to 15 feet deep and bluff banks." Louie said he's using a deep-diving crankbait, a 1/2-oz. black/blue jig and a 1/4-oz. shaky head with a Big Bite Baits Squirrel Tail worm. "Some nights the numbers are good, but most nights you're fishing for four or five bites, especially on the offshore stuff. I'll gladly take four bites in four hours on the crankbait and jig. Move a lot, and fish as many bluffs and rocky offshore areas as possible, and you'll get bit," he said.










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A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!

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